Since the very beginning Barani assured not only high quality of shoes, but also one which has transparency and sustainability in manufacturing. Reinventing and staying true to traditions are the prerequisite for maintaining such high standards of craftsmanship.

Barani distributes a premium product that demonstrates the power of history, tradition & passion needed to create a timeless piece. Authenticity doesn’t just mean history anymore

– it also means a commitment to high quality fabrications that aspire to a new level of aesthetic. Barani promises quality and comfort with no compromises. BARANI COMFORTING YOU ALWAYS.

"a commitment to high quality fabrications that aspire to a new level of aesthetic"




Barani benefits from over 40 years of experience that the shoemakers have passed on from generations to generations. Every pair from our high-quality shoe collection is handcrafted in our factory. Closely monitored by experts at each step of the shoe making process. All of the craftsmen and women have many years of experience and this allows the workflow to go smoothly from hand to hand.

The materials and components we use are all of very high quality and is sourced globally from renown suppliers.

At Barani's workshop there is full of creativity and passion for details! Each craftsman is a specialist in their field and accompanies each step from beginning to end before the shoe is passed onto to the next stage of production. 

Every Barani shoe passes through several work stations controls within the workshop. A thorough and final quality check is always done for every shoe that leaves our workshop before the actual shipping.




From the beginning, there was only one goal for BARANI - create a piece of footwear that would be synonymous with the word "COMFORT".

The BARANI brand can be identified by three basic traits: the premium full leather uppers, a stitch and turn construction, and the flexible waffle out-sole system. With its specialized construction and a good cushioning insole system, the BARANI brand offers benefits that other brands simply cannot.

BARANI is a premium footwear that demonstrates the power of history, tradition & passion needed to create a comfortable footwear. Authenticity doesn’t just mean history any more – it also means a commitment to high quality fabrications that aspire to a new level of aesthetic.

BARANI has always developed high quality, comfortable and fashion-right shoes at affordable prices.

BARANI shoes offer a vast assortment to suit every occasion. From office wear to casual wear and everything in between. You get the greatest footwear styles designed with a modern approach to improve the way you live, work, and play.

BARANI promises quality and comfort with no compromises.


For the latest styles in women's fashion and function, check out the line of CARATTI shoes. The collection features tailored pumps and sling-backs for the office, chic mid heels for the weekend, as well as sexy sandals for a night out. Innovative silhouettes keep CARATTI shoes on top of the season’s hottest trends.

With the perfect pairing of quality and style, CARATTI shoes complement your lifestyle and desire for fashion with versatility. From day-to-evening looks to casual chic looks, you’ll be fashionable at all times in CARATTI shoes.

Rich colors, materials and prints saturate the CARATTI footwear line.

CARATTI shoes embrace modern design aesthetic with function and comfort. In a contemporary world where fashion and versatility go hand-in hand, CARATTI continues to produce quality footwear that are timeless. CARATTI delivers trend-right ladies shoes, boots ,and sandals that are style and color infused, all at an affordable price.

The CARATTI woman. A confident dresser with the desire to stand out. She is always chic, always elegant, and always classy.


Your days of having to sacrifice style or comfort are long behind you with Apache's generously cushioned comfort footwear for men and women.

For almost 15 years, APACHE has been mastering the definition of pure comfort and style with everything from boat shoes, edgy lace-up boots, and laid-back slip-on or loafers.

With your sports and running shoes being so comfortable, it’s hard not to focus on other elements of your wardrobe like a fashionable and fun to wear casual footwear.

By using the art of traditional hand-sewn construction, combined with the finest quality materials, APACHE is able to provide you and your family with hand-stitched shoes that are durable, lightweight, and flexible.

Make a commitment to your comfort needs with Apache's soft, supple leathers and shock-absorbing insoles. Your feet will thank you later.

APACHE allows you to tell an artful story with its brushed metal hardware, hand-cut tassels, and decorative stitching.

Enjoy viewing the wide selection of men’s and women’s styles. It is truly inspired by those with a young, free-spirited attitude who are passionate about their footwear and lifestyle.

APACHE shoes are "Works of Art" worn by all ages.

Allow yourself to become an APACHE.